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Have a topic you'd like to present to the DEI Cohort members?

We are always open to engaging guest experts on any aspect of DEI to present to the Cohort. Here's what you should know:
  1. Our audience is comprised mostly of US corporate recruiting professionals (though some of our regular attendees join from as far away as India) who have DEI as part of their mandate. A smaller percentage are dedicated DEI professionals who do not report into talent acquisition, work at third party search firms, etc.
  2. Our Zoom meetings last one hour (3pm-4pm US Eastern time, unless agreed otherwise) each second Friday of the month.
  3. Your appearance does not require formal preparation, other than a brief introduction to your topic and the ability to keep the exchange going through occasional talking points and open questions, and soliciting audience input (our group leaders will help as well, of course). Our group likes interactive discussions!
  4. However, if you have a prepared presentation that runs 45 minutes or less (so there's adequate time for Q&A after), that's fine, too. Regardless of format, please email your topic idea(s) to the co-chairs (contact at deicohort dot com) to confirm relevance.
  5. Alternatively, sharing a few slides to set the stage is sufficient, then we can open it up for a longer period of questions/discussion as mentioned in the previous bullet.
  6. We don't share member contact info with vendors, and as an unfunded peers group, we cannot compensate speakers. However, we're happy to send anything you present (or a longer version with supplemental marketing materials) to all cohort members whether they are able to attend live or not - hopefully it will land more speaking/consulting work for you. (We have over 100 companies on our distribution list, but realistically about 1/4 of them will appear live for any given meeting.)
  7. We give attendees the choice at the start of each meeting whether they want the session recorded, which tends to be the default (but sometimes the nature of the topic and/or composition of that instance's audience may lead to not wanting recording in order to ensure a safe space/candor).
  8. Unless a sizable percentage don't agree to recording, we will link to it afterwards from this website along with your presentation (e.g., slides) if supplied. If they do not agree, we will share only the materials you provide along with highlights from the text chat discussion deemed appropriate for wider distribution, removing attribution as appropriate. A middle ground option they may choose is to record only the initial presentation by the guest facilitator (you) and then stop the recording when the open discussion begins. (Let us know if you have any concerns about any of these 3 options.)

Still interested?

Let us know what your preferred DEI subtopic would be, ideally suited for pre-event promotional distribution as 1) a topic name, 2) a paragraph about what you'll cover and/or a few takeaways as bulleted items), and 3) a professional biographical text paragraph (feel free to include links to additional URLs in order to help introduce you).

Email those details (or any questions you may have first) to contact [at] deicohort.com

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